Depression / Anxiety / Panic

Case 821


I had an open relationship with a divorced man.... We went out for two years, but because there was no formal commitment, I decided to end it. He went on to other women... [and then] came back to me; but because I rebuffed him, he decided to take me against my will... [and] tried to [...]

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Case 801


Until about eight months ago I was a very studious person, but around five months ago my sister was put in jail unjustly, and from that moment on there’s been a very drastic change in me. I don’t see life the same way that I did before. I’ve attempted suicide, but I haven’t been successful. [...]

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Case 772


Not long ago, I fell into anxiety and depression.... I tried to force myself to focus on what I had to do, but I couldn’t.... While I was suffering from anxiety and depression, even my prayers lacked faith....   Two months ago, after I felt better, I began to examine myself in the light of [...]

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Case 761


I am forty years old. Almost three years ago I started to get sick. Many doctors examined me and ordered many tests. But all the test results came back normal and nothing changed. That led to me falling into a depression and undergoing a horrific treatment by a psychiatrist. In great desperation, and because of [...]

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Case 732


Sometimes I feel that I should terminate my life. When I was a child, my father always told me that I was good for nothing.... Each time that I tried to get close to him, I ended up going off to cry because he got so angry with me. I felt like he hated me. [...]

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Case 729


I need help because I don’t know how to find God again. I have always known about God, but due to various situations that have happened in my life, I have gone my own way. I feel that I have lost my spirituality. I pray and don’t feel what I used to feel. It’s like [...]

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Case 709


I am thirty-one. I was working at a job with a toxic environment that caused me to suffer from depression and chronic anxiety.... So I resigned and was out of work for two weeks. Now I have a better and more peaceful job that also pays better. However, the trauma I suffered because of that [...]

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Case 680


My wife and I went to work in another country for five years. In all that time, my girls were practically alone. As might be expected, they stopped going to church. This has caused me to sink into a depression that has lasted for years. I feel like I am not worth anything, and I [...]

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Case 679


My best childhood friend is going through a rough patch. He is distraught about his future. He is fed up with his work, and his relationship with his mother and his stepfather is not good. He has been very depressed on several occasions. One time he even wanted to kill himself. I tried to help [...]

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Case 676


About four years ago, a man attacked me.... As a result, I cried every night until I finally revealed to my family what had happened and we reported it to the authorities. Since then, I have not been able to stop thinking about what happened to me and, when I do, I cry, and horrible [...]

Case 6762023-02-14T21:01:42-07:00
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