Case 577


A girl from my past, who I have always been in love with, showed up again. She told me that she was married and had a daughter, but that the marriage was solely for the purpose of getting her a visa to another country, and that when she had it in hand, she would get [...]

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Case 565


I am twenty-one years old and a law student. Since childhood I have always been timid.... I have not had a girlfriend because I am not very sociable. I don’t like to fight or argue, and I always try to overlook others’ offenses.... Ever since the fifth semester of my program they began to require [...]

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Case 535


There is turmoil in my country.... I see the injustice and, even though I call out to God, I mourn because evil people get away with what they do and good people are arrested, deprived of their rights, and flee from the country. My heart breaks, and I weep over what is happening: for those [...]

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Case 529


I left home with the dream of becoming a medical doctor.... I always believed, and still believe, that I can do it all, but I don’t do anything.... It’s as if I have been avoiding studying. I know that I should do it, but I don’t. I have come to the point of sleeping more [...]

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Case 528


I am the single mother of a four-year-old daughter, and I live in my mother’s house.... Labor conditions in my country have kept me from getting a good job in spite of the fact that I am a professional.... What makes it more difficult is that I don’t have anyone to take care of my [...]

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Case 523


About two months ago I began to feel badly, and I wasn’t able to sleep well after that. Then I started having horrible thoughts about God and other people.... I don’t know why. I also worry about what will happen tomorrow. I ask God to change me, but every day I feel like I’m going [...]

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Case 460


Five months ago my father died, and then my grandmother died three months later. As a result I have begun to feel badly, including stomach pains. I got tested, and nothing is wrong with me. But sometimes I get panicked and I feel like taking off running. I go to church and pray about my [...]

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Case 475


I am a twenty-one-year-old woman.... For the past nine months or so I’ve been suffering from anxiety. This condition has been very difficult for me, making me feel uneasy, insecure, and indecisive. Two months ago, as a last resort, I went to the doctor.... I feel bad about that. I believe that it is a [...]

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Case 474


I am sixty years old, and my wife is forty-four. Fourteen months ago she was diagnosed with cancer.... It has metastasized and is now in her brain. One month ago, when we were getting ready for bed, while in a state of panic, thinking of death, she confessed that she was unfaithful to me three [...]

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Case 449


This year has been very difficult for me. I am doing poorly in school and I have problems with depression and bipolar disorder.... I am twelve years old and have too much pain for my age. I have tried to kill myself many times because I am a disappointment to all my family, my friends, [...]

Case 4492021-01-20T02:24:25-07:00
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