Small children (Discipline/Instruction/Care)

Case 790


Five months ago I started living with my new boyfriend, and we can’t seem to agree on how to rear his daughter and my son who are four and five years old. Sometimes, when my boyfriend plays with my son, he treats him very roughly... to the point of making him cry. He’s not like [...]

Case 7902023-07-12T20:14:26-07:00

Caso 688


I am thirty-four years old and married. When I was single, I never thought that I would ever be a mother because children annoyed me. But now I’m the mother of two. Ever since my eldest son was born (who is now three years old), I have kept having bad thoughts that are to his [...]

Caso 6882023-02-14T20:59:54-07:00

Case 607


I met my wife twelve years ago. She had a seven-month-old daughter. The biological father of her daughter had abandoned them.... He had even told my wife, when she was pregnant, that she would have to abort the baby if she wanted to stay with him. I came into her life and offered my help. [...]

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Case 602


Recently my husband discovered that our eleven-year-old daughter has seen pornographic images on the Internet. When we asked her about it, she said that her friends were talking about it, so she was curious and searched for it online. We had already talked to her about the changes in her body and that kind of [...]

Case 6022023-02-14T21:30:49-07:00

Case 585


Eleven years ago, I started living with a woman with whom I now have a four-year-old daughter, but recently the woman confessed that she had been unfaithful to me on two different occasions.... After breaking my heart with that, she left the house with my daughter. I have always been responsible and have never been [...]

Case 5852024-04-09T20:26:55-07:00

Case 583


My girlfriend is the single mother of a six-month-old daughter. The pregnancy was not planned, and she doesn’t love the baby’s father. It was a bad relationship. She decided to break up with him before she knew that she was pregnant.... The baby girl’s father now wants to be with the two of them, but [...]

Case 5832023-02-14T22:03:03-07:00

Case 503


I have a son whose father left me for a younger woman at the time the child was born. Since then, even though I have a strong temperament and personality, I haven’t been the same again. I have struggled to be happy, not with another man but with my son and those around me, but [...]

Case 5032023-06-08T16:33:11-07:00

Case 483


I have a two-month-old baby and I live with my mother. My baby’s father also lived with us, but three days ago he left. Now he wants me to go and live with him at his sister-in-law’s house, but I don’t want to because I don’t get along with her, and my mother is very [...]

Case 4832023-06-08T16:38:08-07:00

Case 471


I got divorced from my children’s mother five years ago. I have the children because she claimed that the money I provided wasn’t enough to care for them. For the past three years she has been, as I see it, a very bad influence on the children. They have become money lovers. And she speaks [...]

Case 4712024-04-10T18:59:57-07:00

Case 454


I am a single mother with a two-year old child. The father of my son abandoned me when I needed him the most. After a year he came back and said that he wanted to help me... so he now gives me some help each month.... The problem is that he has a wife and [...]

Case 4542023-06-08T16:10:16-07:00
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