Case 714


I have three wonderful children and a beautiful family, but I aborted three babies and I am sorry about that every day.... I was selfish and stubborn, and I prioritized my professional goals without noticing that I lost my heart in the process. Because of the shame I felt I did not come back to [...]

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Case 387


When I was thirteen, I rebelled and strayed away from God. I committed a lot of sins. One of them was to bring a daughter into the world, and another was to have an abortion. Now I am sorry, but it is too late.... I was really bad off and had plans to commit [...]

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Case 375


I am single.... Because of my parents’ illness, I have to financially support our home, so I now work more hours. At work I met a guy and had intimate relations with him and got pregnant, but he made me abort the child. Then I was in a relationship with a man who was separated [...]

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Case 369


I had illicit relations with a married man and ended up pregnant, and had an abortion because I didn’t want my family to find out. From then until now I have continued to have remorse.... What I did is heavy on my conscience, and I am experiencing anxiety and distress.... I need your help because [...]

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Case 297


I don’t know if God can forgive me. It’s my second abortion, and what’s more, for over a year I have been cheating on my husband with a married man. I know that my behavior is not pleasing to God. That’s why I’m asking if God can forgive me, since I knew it was [...]

Case 2972024-05-13T21:35:08-07:00

Case 268


Before we were married, I forced my wife to have an abortion. For a long time we have been sorry for that evil decision, and now, after nine years, we would like to have a child; but she can’t get pregnant. All of the medical exams have come out fine and there is no physical [...]

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Case 255


I am twenty years old. When I was seventeen, I got pregnant with my first boyfriend and I had an abortion. I fell into a deep depression, blaming myself for my moral failure and my cowardice. A year later... I asked for forgiveness from God, my child, my ex-boyfriend, his mother and my mother, and [...]

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Case 233


Not long ago I met a girl and she became my girlfriend.... She is now pregnant. I love her, and my decision has been to care for her and give her and my child a family and a home that has a good foundation, that is, to take responsibility for what I have done. The [...]

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Case 194


Many years ago I got pregnant (I was seventeen at the time) and had a daughter, whom I love very much. Four years later, I got pregnant again with another man, but that time I had an abortion.... Not a day goes by that I don’t remember and cry... and repent of having made [...]

Case 1942024-05-13T21:29:22-07:00

Case 127


The pain cuts through my heart like a knife. I was married in 1987, and very soon afterward found myself pregnant and made the horrible decision to abort. I grew up in a violent family in which my parents had fights and hit each other all the time. My mother would always tell me that, [...]

Case 1272024-04-12T12:21:42-07:00
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