Romantic Relationships/Courtship (Chastity/Moral Values)

Case 794


I have a girlfriend who attends the same church that I do. I feel like I love her a lot.... We have been going out and, on one of our dates, we went too far. Actually, we didn’t have sexual relations, but we have touched each other inappropriately. I’m very embarrassed to have to admit [...]

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Case 763


I am eighteen years old... and have a girlfriend.... We both attend the university.... I want our relationship to have a purpose: to end in marriage. I don’t want to play with her feelings, but I also don’t want to do things that are immoral. My question is: What should I as a man do [...]

Case 7632023-02-14T20:45:15-07:00

Case 681


I am a twenty-two-year-old man.... I have chosen to save myself for my future wife. I’ve never having had physical relations with any woman, but as life would have it my girlfriend did have a physical relationship with another guy, and that has frustrated me a lot.... She is still in contact with him, and [...]

Case 6812023-02-14T21:00:56-07:00

Case 644


I am in a relationship with a fifty-four-year-old man. Several months have passed, and he is trying to convince me that it is normal to have sexual relations. I have told him that I think they are important, but only in a stable marriage relationship. He doesn’t want to get married because he says times [...]

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Case 642


A year ago, my boyfriend and I started dating, and we now have plans to get married. I love him a lot, and he has shown me that he loves me too.... We have not been physically intimate, but I have a lot of thoughts about what it will be like after we are married [...]

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Case 612


I have known my boyfriend for a while. I love him a lot and have dreams of being married to him, but he says that in order to get married he needs to make sure that I’m a virgin. I’ve told him that I’m a virgin, but he says that it’s a requirement I must [...]

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Case 476


I am in a romantic relationship with a woman who loves me. She is all that I have ever dreamed about, so I love her too. And my family accepts her. However, her family and social circle do not accept me. The problem is that our skin color is different, and they won’t even give [...]

Case 4762024-04-02T21:24:15-07:00

Case 428


I am a twenty-year old girl.... I met a guy at work and chose to be his girlfriend even though he did not share my principles. He promised to change, but that never happened.... I was not happy. My conscience would not leave me in peace. He induced me to do things that I had [...]

Case 4282023-02-18T21:39:59-07:00

Case 284


I lost my mom when I was young, and that has caused me to live a very solitary life and, from time to time, to cling desperately to relationships. For example, in order to not lose the affection of my boyfriend, I have tolerated all kinds of conversations that make me uncomfortable. I believe that [...]

Case 2842024-04-02T21:37:25-07:00

Case 213


My boyfriend and I are very different. He made the proposition to me that we live together and, if we stayed together for a year, then would get married. But... I want to get married before we live together because it makes the most sense. He says that he loves me. I love him, but [...]

Case 2132024-04-11T19:37:01-07:00
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