Case 608


I am nineteen years old. A few years ago, I met a man on Facebook.... At that time, I was communicating, not only with him, but with many other men too. I went out with them, got their hopes up, lied to them, and used them.... I made the decision to leave my family (lying [...]

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Case 524


About two months ago I was unfaithful to my wife on social media. I chatted with two women about how bad my wife was to me, and how sad and empty my life was by her side. All of it was based on lies, because things weren’t really like that. I also... talked to another [...]

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Case 346


I’ve begun an online relationship with a girl from another country. She pursued me and won my love, telling me that we were perfect for each other. I responded by telling her that it’s impossible to know such a thing because we’ve never met, but I finally accepted her. We have never laid eyes on [...]

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Case 356


I cheated on my wife more than two years ago. I met women on Facebook and was unfaithful, and as a result I infected my wife with the venereal disease HPV that I contracted. She threw me out and immediately filed for divorce. But before the verdict, she changed her mind and called me, supposedly [...]

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Case 361


My girlfriend and I met on Facebook and began our relationship about a year ago.... Three months in... her teacher... asked her to have sex with him, and she did. I forgave her, but it hasn’t been the same. Ever since then, all we do is argue. A week ago she told my family all [...]

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Case 322


I opened a false account on a social networking site using the picture of another guy. For two years I have had a girlfriend, but before her I liked another girl who never paid attention to me. Now with the false account, I have begun a relationship with the first girl, and she has fallen [...]

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Case 336


I did some very bad things on Facebook that I am sorry for. I lost the trust of my parents as well as some other people. Now I want to regain their trust. I already closed my Facebook account, but my parents still don’t trust me. I am a fifteen-year-old girl, and now is when [...]

Case 3362021-01-20T03:26:41-07:00

Case 272


Eight months ago I met a wonderful girl.... But it gets me down that we argue and fight repeatedly over one thing: social networking sites. I share absolutely everything with her, from my money to my car, and she shares with me as well; but she insists that she will not share her social networking [...]

Case 2722021-01-20T03:48:10-07:00

Case 64


I met my current partner on the Internet. She has given me reason to believe she is a good person, but I feel that she is not always completely honest with me and that she may have another private life on the web.... I can’t bring up the subject with her without getting into an [...]

Case 642021-01-20T05:07:21-07:00

Case 36


I am a fifteen‑year‑old girl. A while back, a nineteen‑year‑old guy told me he really liked me and asked me to be his girlfriend. I told him I didn’t feel the same way; but he kept on insisting, so I finally let him kiss me. It turned out that he has a son.... Ever since [...]

Case 362021-01-20T05:17:37-07:00
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