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Case 820


I would like to receive information about how to overcome an addiction to social media. Dear Friend, Your request is a timely one, as this subject is a current topic of research around the world. Scientists, medical professionals, and even attorneys have a keen interest in this information, and academics in many fields debate whether [...]

Case 8202024-01-31T20:50:27-07:00

Case 818


Three months ago I found out that my wife had been unfaithful to me.... We have a three-year-old daughter, so when my wife asked me to forgive her, I did and I told her that I would trust her again. But when I asked her to let me look at her social media accounts, she [...]

Case 8182024-01-22T18:17:06-07:00

Case 766


I met a girl on an online dating application. She is six years younger than I am. In the beginning, everything was just friendly. However, within two weeks we became intimate....   One day, in casual conversation, she started telling me about her past.... Something inside me sounded an alarm, so I decided to investigate. [...]

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Case 750


I joined a social media site so that I could meet friends. There I saw the profile of a man that looked like a good person.   He invited me to the beach on the weekend.... We listened to a concert for a couple of hours.... At nightfall, we went to where he had parked [...]

Case 7502023-02-14T20:46:50-07:00

Case 728


My wife is very vain. I don’t like the way she’s always posting photos of herself on social media. Obviously, she gets a lot of “likes” from male friends of hers, and I really don’t know what to do. Can you give me some advice? Dear Friend, It sounds like you think that your wife [...]

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Case 727


Nine months ago I met a woman online.... We had virtual sex. She confessed to a spiritual leader, and then blocked me. I am devastated for the harm that I caused her and her parents.   I want to go to her country and ask for forgiveness. I have already asked God to forgive me.... [...]

Case 7272023-02-14T20:53:42-07:00

Case 608


I am nineteen years old. A few years ago, I met a man on Facebook.... At that time, I was communicating, not only with him, but with many other men too. I went out with them, got their hopes up, lied to them, and used them.... I made the decision to leave my family (lying [...]

Case 6082023-02-14T23:00:11-07:00

Case 524


About two months ago I was unfaithful to my wife on social media. I chatted with two women about how bad my wife was to me, and how sad and empty my life was by her side. All of it was based on lies, because things weren’t really like that. I also... talked to another [...]

Case 5242024-05-13T22:10:18-07:00

Case 401


I met a man on the Internet who is three years older than I am. All of the time that we communicated he let me know that he loved me and that he was a levelheaded guy. So I left everything and went to be with him. After arriving at his house, I found out [...]

Case 4012024-05-13T21:46:26-07:00

Case 361


My girlfriend and I met on Facebook and began our relationship about a year ago.... Three months in... her teacher... asked her to have sex with him, and she did. I forgave her, but it hasn’t been the same. Ever since then, all we do is argue. A week ago she told my family all [...]

Case 3612024-04-10T20:39:45-07:00
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