Social Media/Internet

Case 272


Eight months ago I met a wonderful girl.... But it gets me down that we argue and fight repeatedly over one thing: social networking sites. I share absolutely everything with her, from my money to my car, and she shares with me as well; but she insists that she will not share her social networking [...]

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Case 64


I met my current partner on the Internet. She has given me reason to believe she is a good person, but I feel that she is not always completely honest with me and that she may have another private life on the web.... I can’t bring up the subject with her without getting into an [...]

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Case 36


I am a fifteen‑year‑old girl. A while back, a nineteen‑year‑old guy told me he really liked me and asked me to be his girlfriend. I told him I didn’t feel the same way; but he kept on insisting, so I finally let him kiss me. It turned out that he has a son.... Ever since [...]

Case 362021-01-20T05:17:37-07:00
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