Case 711


I am twenty-four and my relationship with my girlfriend ended recently. She was always complaining because I lost my job and didn’t have money to take her out. I tried asking her to do inexpensive things together, but she said no. She made me feel like a loser because I couldn’t find a job, and [...]

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Case 694


I have dreamed of having a family. I never had parents. That has caused an emptiness in my heart. And that’s why, for me, marriage is very significant and lasts a lifetime. I have a boyfriend, but I don’t see that he is interested in getting married. Besides, he has a bad attitude. He doesn’t [...]

Case 6942021-08-31T19:58:53-07:00

Case 690


A few years ago, I was in love with a guy, but it never developed into a serious relationship. What worries me is that I was the one who sought him out and made the first move, and now something similar is happening with another guy. What I want to know is if it is [...]

Case 6902021-07-30T16:56:54-07:00

Case 638


I fell in love with a sixteen-year-old girl. For more than a year I have been trying to start a relationship with her. The problem is that she could be my daughter, because I am thirty-four years old. My actions have shown her that I am concerned about her well-being. She wanted a cell phone, [...]

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Case 630


I ask God for a wife, but every woman that I like is not attracted to me. How can I find the one who will be my wife? Dear Friend, Thank you for asking this important question. There are many people who may be interested in the advice that we have for you. When you [...]

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Case 590


I am a thirty-year-old professional woman with a successful career, but when it comes to romantic relationships I have not had the same outcome. I had a boyfriend for several years, but he was unfaithful to me. Because of that, I have remained single.... [I moved to another city, and when I started my work [...]

Case 5902021-01-20T00:56:28-07:00

Case 577


A girl from my past, who I have always been in love with, showed up again. She told me that she was married and had a daughter, but that the marriage was solely for the purpose of getting her a visa to another country, and that when she had it in hand, she would get [...]

Case 5772021-01-20T00:51:09-07:00

Case 530


I am sixteen, and I have had a boyfriend for a while. I made the mistake of having sex with him, but fortunately I did not get pregnant. However, my family found out and now they don’t trust me. They told me to end the relationship, but I can’t because I love him so much. [...]

Case 5302021-01-20T01:46:15-07:00

Case 515


I am married and have two children. I fell in love with a girl who is twenty years younger than I am. Both of us study in the same university. In the beginning everything was great, as I had problems with my wife and the new relationship was comforting to me. But now, two years [...]

Case 5152021-01-20T01:37:02-07:00

Case 534


I have been in a relationship with a girl for six years.... Two years ago, I met another girl... and I’m not sure when I began to have feelings for her. My mistake was to let it go on and not stop it from the start. I broke up with my first girlfriend. We had [...]

Case 5342021-01-20T01:47:59-07:00
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