Infatuation/Falling in Love

Case 534


I have been in a relationship with a girl for six years.... Two years ago, I met another girl... and I’m not sure when I began to have feelings for her. My mistake was to let it go on and not stop it from the start. I broke up with my first girlfriend. We had [...]

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Case 530


I am sixteen, and I have had a boyfriend for a while. I made the mistake of having sex with him, but fortunately I did not get pregnant. However, my family found out and now they don’t trust me. They told me to end the relationship, but I can’t because I love him so much. [...]

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Case 515


I am married and have two children. I fell in love with a girl who is twenty years younger than I am. Both of us study in the same university. In the beginning everything was great, as I had problems with my wife and the new relationship was comforting to me. But now, two years [...]

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Case 497


I am twenty-five, and am in a relationship with a twenty-three-year-old man.... We love each other and have plans to get married; but I feel like it’s not yet time to do so, because we have always had problems in our relationship. He gets upset about things that I think are insignificant. For example, he [...]

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Case 493


I have not been able to have a stable relationship. It always ends badly and I end up discouraged. I give it all I’ve got, and then I have a hard time getting back up and starting over again. If it weren’t for God, I would not still be alive, because I know that He [...]

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Case 488


More than thirty years ago I left my country of origin, promising my girlfriend that I would return. But as time passed I stopped calling her.... Not long after living abroad, I married a woman eleven years older than I who has four children. But I never forgot that love of my life.... A little [...]

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Case 428


I am a twenty-year old girl.... I met a guy at work and chose to be his girlfriend even though he did not share my principles. He promised to change, but that never happened.... I was not happy. My conscience would not leave me in peace. He induced me to do things that I had [...]

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Case 450


A year ago I fell in love with a man who is forty-two years older than I am. He is sixty-three, and I am twenty-one. He says that he loves me very much, but he doesn’t talk to me about any plans for the future.... I have not had intimate relations with him because I [...]

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Case 446


After fifteen years, I have begun to see my ex-girlfriend again. We are now both married. For the last three years she has been going to my mother’s house and taking gifts.... A year ago we saw each other in church. We greeted one another, and I met her husband and son.... Last month she [...]

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Case 440


About a year ago I was in a relationship with a girl and had plans to marry her, but it all fell apart. I was so hurt that till this very day I’m afraid to fall in love again, which is why I’m still single. The thing is that now I’m only attracted to young [...]

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