Sexual Immorality

Case 634


Six years ago, I had a relationship with a girl who is five years younger than I am. I broke up with her, but then I got involved in a relationship with her mother. There were a lot of problems... so after two years we broke up. Three years later, I began another relationship with [...]

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Case 618


My boyfriend and I have been together for more than five years. He is a lot older than I am. He has always respected me, and we truly love each other. Just two days ago I caught him getting pleasure from watching videos of young girls who are around twelve years old. It broke my [...]

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Case 604


I am a thirty-two-year-old woman, and I have been in a very bad relationship for four years. I am a sex worker, and the man I live with allows it. He has taken my money many times. He manipulates me, insults me... and has hit me. I am so codependent that I have even gotten [...]

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Case 570


I got married six years ago to the mother of my two children, after having been in a relationship with her for eight years.... Not long after the wedding, I lost almost everything that I owned and we had to move in with my father-in-law.... I noticed a significant change in her, and she finally [...]

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Case 456


My girlfriend and I had been in a relationship for four years when I met another woman and was unfaithful with her. I confessed the infidelity to my girlfriend because I love her, so I asked her to forgive me to get things right between us again. But within a short time the other woman [...]

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Case 436


I want to confess that I’m addicted to women, so much so that I try to meet women on social networking sites so that I can take them to bed. My addiction is so bad that I even pay for prostitutes, and I don’t care how old they are, or their race or social class.... [...]

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Case 410


I am a twenty-five-year-old man. When I was twenty-three I began to feel attracted to men. That gave me a deep sense of guilt and extreme depression. I even began considering suicide. I have never had sexual relations with men. The Bible has helped me a lot, though I have not become a follower of [...]

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Case 408


I am a young man who had a problem with pornography for seven years. It made me feel as if my life were garbage.... I told my father about my problem, and he said that when I made mistakes in life, I didn’t have to keep on repeating those mistakes, and that God would forgive [...]

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Case 401


I met a man on the Internet who is three years older than I am. All of the time that we communicated he let me know that he loved me and that he was a levelheaded guy. So I left everything and went to be with him. After arriving at his house, I found out [...]

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Case 389


I was married for almost twenty years. I got involved several times with married women, and they ended up getting divorced from their husbands. As a result, my own marriage ended. I also had sexual relations that were a high risk to my health and my emotional stability... which now affect my mind, my soul, [...]

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