Sexual Immorality

Case 375


I am single.... Because of my parents’ illness, I have to financially support our home, so I now work more hours. At work I met a guy and had intimate relations with him and got pregnant, but he made me abort the child. Then I was in a relationship with a man who was separated [...]

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Case 365


Two months ago I started having sexual relations with my girlfriend. However, I am tempted to pay for pleasure anyway. I know that neither of those things is good, because we are not married, but I don’t know what to do. I want to stop this impulse that controls me. I feel like it is [...]

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Case 354


I need moral help. I feel sad. I believe in marriage and in the Lord Jesus Christ. I am single, but one night after I had been drinking with a friend, I had sex with a prostitute. I feel very badly. I was a virgin, and I had planned to stay that way until I [...]

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Case 350


Six years ago I went to work in another country where I met a man from my homeland and, even though he was married, we had a romantic relationship. He returned to our country of origin. He would call me from time to time and... one day he told me that he wanted to return [...]

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Case 333


My wife will not stop watching soap operas on television. She even imagines that she is one of the main characters! It seems like really weird behavior to me. We want peace, love, and for God to bless and even prosper us. But I think her attitude is counterproductive. Dear Friend, A number of years [...]

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Case 289


I work outside the city where I live with my wife and two children. I found work outside the city because I can make more money. All was going well until I went out one night. I met a guy who seemed to be trustworthy. We started out drinking, and ended up with prostitutes. I [...]

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Case 284


I lost my mom when I was young, and that has caused me to live a very solitary life and, from time to time, to cling desperately to relationships. For example, in order to not lose the affection of my boyfriend, I have tolerated all kinds of conversations that make me uncomfortable. I believe that [...]

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Case 269


I work for a company as the secretary of the manager. For some time my boss has been saying things to me that I don’t believe are right. One day he hugged me and forcibly touched me. I felt so bad! I thought about my husband, but I don’t want to tell him yet.... It [...]

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Case 238


Seven years ago I had a lover who went on to have an intimate relationship with my oldest son. When I realized what was going on, I distanced myself from them. But after a few years, they found me and introduced me to their son, who I treated with the affection of a grandfather. Even [...]

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Case 227


My problem is Internet pornography. I don’t know how to put a stop to it. It really has tormented me for a long time.... I have researched and read books about sexuality so that I can conquer the habit, and I try to be consistent with the methods I apply; but I always fall back [...]

Case 2272024-04-02T22:18:45-07:00
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