Romantic Relationships/Courtship (Uncertainty/Doubt)

Case 806


I asked my girlfriend to marry me, and she said yes.... We have had a wonderful relationship and we love each other. However, one time she did something that I don’t think is normal. I noticed that she kept looking at another guy. We’ve talked about it and I’ve told her that if she’s attracted [...]

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Case 774


I am twenty-six years old. I was in a relationship with a woman that began three years ago and ended five months ago. The reason we broke up was that I wasn’t sure if I should take the next step of getting engaged because I still didn’t know my sweetheart that well. Now I feel [...]

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Case 722


My boyfriend and I have been together for five years, but sometimes I feel like I’m not meeting his expectations. He always talks about what he is interested in, and we always do what he wants to do.... Sometimes I feel like he is still with me only because he has gotten used to it. [...]

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Case 705


Two and a half months ago, I met my boyfriend, and everything was beautiful. But his attitude suddenly changed, and since then he has treated me very badly. He told me that he would change, but now... he blames me for everything that happens, even though I believe I haven’t done anything wrong. I want [...]

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Case 687


I have a girlfriend that I’ve been with for five years.... She has a son who calls me “Daddy” because I am the closest father figure in his life. I love him and his mother the same, but she lives with her mother, and the way that this grandmother is rearing him is not appropriate. [...]

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Case 670


For five years I have had a girlfriend in another country. I have been saving money so that I can move there and make a life with her. However, lately my savings keep running out. It seems like there is always something that keeps me from getting ahead and reaching the monetary goal necessary to [...]

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Case 650


Six months ago, I started going out with a guy. I am a young woman that was studying medicine, but because of the pandemic I had to take a year off, with plans to go back next year. Now my boyfriend, whom I love, has asked me to marry him.... That implies having to give [...]

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Case 327


I am twenty-three and have plans to marry a woman who is the same age. She is an only child, and her mother is not really in agreement with our marriage plans. I understand that it is rather difficult for her because of my girlfriend being her only child, but what bothers me the most [...]

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Case 314


A few weeks ago I had a girlfriend that I love a lot, but she left me to be with another guy. Seeing this causes me a lot of pain because we are high school classmates. I don’t know what to do. I am very frustrated because I love her, and it tears me up [...]

Case 3142023-10-16T20:28:44-07:00

Case 296


I have been dating my boyfriend for eleven years and we have plans to get married next year. But in the last few months since we took our relationship to the next level we have had a problem, which is that my boyfriend is very dedicated to his work and doesn’t spend enough time with [...]

Case 2962021-01-20T03:35:15-07:00
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