Romantic Relationships/Courtship (Uncertainty/Doubt)

Case 302


Three months ago, I began a romantic relationship with a guy that I have known for four years.... A month later, I found out that he is going to have a baby with his ex-girlfriend. They weren’t getting along (because of a lack of understanding), so he decided to end it without knowing that she [...]

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Case 253


I am twenty-seven years old. I have had a boyfriend for the past year and we are planning to get married. I love him a lot, and he says he loves me too, but when we fight it is because he doesn’t call me or communicate with me.... He says he is always thinking about [...]

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Case 256


I want to break up with my girlfriend. I have tried to do it three times, but each time she has suffered a lot. I am confused because I don’t know what to do: whether to keep going out with her so she won’t be hurt, or break up with her because in my heart [...]

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Case 264


I have had a girlfriend for four years. Eight months ago she left for [another country] with her mother. Knowing that we are bound by love for one another with wedding plans, she is to return for us to get married. But now she wants us to live in her mother’s house after the wedding.... [...]

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Case 265


I am a single mother with a career.... I have been in a romantic relationship for about two years. My boyfriend is good to me and to my son. He asked me to be honest with him and to tell him everything from my past.... I feel that he is a demanding person. I haven’t [...]

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Case 246


I am twenty-four years old and have a Bachelor’s degree in public accounting. I have been going with my boyfriend for almost a year. He is doing his internship in medicine. I love him much more than I could have imagined. My problem is that he is arrogant and says things for shock value. He [...]

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Case 248


More than four years ago I broke up with a girlfriend.... She became sick with jealousy, and hounded me and wouldn’t leave me alone. So I mustered the courage to end the relationship.... A year later I made friends with a girl... and before long she became my girlfriend. My relationship with her is unique [...]

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Case 223


I am twenty-five years old and have a relationship with a girl who is twenty-one. She loves me and I know it, but she’s not good at showing it. She does things that make me very uncomfortable and, when I mention it, I’m always the bad guy. She’s too proud to admit it and expects [...]

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Case 632


I am a twenty-nine-year-old medical doctor.... I met a guy who quickly started a romantic relationship with me. A week later I found out that he was still in contact with his ex-girlfriend, so I decided to end it. After four months of separation... he asked for another chance, saying that he wasn’t ready before, [...]

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Case 621


For four years I had a romantic relationship with a girl, but during the last year I told her that I wanted to keep studying and pursuing a Master’s degree in Administration and another one in Biblical Studies. That bothered her a lot, to the extent of making me choose between her and my studies. [...]

Case 6212023-02-14T21:49:20-07:00
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