Romantic Relationships/Courtship (Uncertainty/Doubt)

Case 589


I am twenty-two years old, and I feel the need to have a serious girlfriend that I can marry and start a family with.... but I don’t know how to choose the right woman. I have seen stories on the Internet where some guys came up with supernatural signs for God to show them who [...]

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Case 583


My girlfriend is the single mother of a six-month-old daughter. The pregnancy was not planned, and she doesn’t love the baby’s father. It was a bad relationship. She decided to break up with him before she knew that she was pregnant.... The baby girl’s father now wants to be with the two of them, but [...]

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Case 563


I am twenty-nine years old.... I became good friends with a woman... and then I decided to let her know that I love her and ask her to do me the honor of becoming my fiancée and then my wife. She answered that she needed some time to think about it and get counseling. However, [...]

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Case 482


I have a girlfriend, but I feel like she’s only my girlfriend because someone told her that it was the right thing to do.... I feel really badly thinking this, and I don’t know what to do. Besides, she acts very reserved with me, while with her other friends I see her acting happier and smiling. If I hug and [...]

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Case 472


I am a nineteen-year-old guy... and I don’t know how to get a girlfriend. When I have a girl in mind and intend to talk to her and win her heart, I feel uncertain, like something telling me not to do it, that she wouldn’t be the best for me. Less than a month ago [...]

Case 4722024-04-02T21:25:06-07:00

Case 430


My girlfriend has prohibited me from having casual female friends. She is jealous every day in more ways than you could imagine. She is even jealous of the time I spend with my sister! That’s why I don’t love her as much as I used to. She wants to control me. It feels like she [...]

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Case 418


I am twenty-three years old and my girlfriend is a few months younger. We started going out almost nine months ago, thinking that it was the will of God and that it would end in marriage. I wasn’t very attracted to her physically, but I thought that it was only a matter of time until [...]

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Case 415


When I was a child I saw how my parents fought. Time passed, and they broke up. I grew up with very low self-esteem and insecurity. But with psychological treatment I have improved a lot to keep from making the same mistakes my parents did. I am now in love with a girl and she [...]

Case 4152023-02-18T22:02:38-07:00

Case 395


I am thirty years old and single.... For the past year I have been in a romantic relationship with a woman... who has a positive attitude. She is compassionate, helpful, and a single mother, but I have come to realize that I don’t love her. In order to be completely honest with her, I have [...]

Case 3952024-04-02T22:21:15-07:00

Case 327


I am twenty-three and have plans to marry a woman who is the same age. She is an only child, and her mother is not really in agreement with our marriage plans. I understand that it is rather difficult for her because of my girlfriend being her only child, but what bothers me the most [...]

Case 3272024-04-02T21:31:33-07:00
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