4,000 radio and television broadcasts daily. Each four-minute program consists of a story, a moral application, and a spiritual application.

Broadcast continuously since 1955 (when Hermano Pablo, that is, Brother Paul, began his first radio program) A Message to the Conscience currently reaches millions of people in more than 30 countries through commercial media, public media, social media, and Christian media.


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Making An Impact In Communities

Year Founded by Hermano Pablo
Daily broadcasts worldwide
Countries broadcast the program
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I am happy to let you know that due to your television program (which I see every day at 5:30 a.m. on the Panamerican cable channel from Peru) I have received messages to my conscience which have enabled me to correct my past life–to such an extent that I now walk in the ways of Jesus Christ, my Savior. I am very happy for this and I want to thank you, my brother.

Zanoni G. | Colombia, South America

Hermano Pablo, please don’t forget that I met Christ because of one of your “Message to the Conscience” programs there in El Salvador over 20 years ago.

Lucy G.

I am happy to tell you that due to your television program A Message to the Conscience, which I see every day at 5:30, the Lord has granted me the opportunity to change my old life. I am very joyful that I now follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

A Listener

I know that I am one of the thousands who watch your evangelistic television program in my country. For all of them I want to express to you our appreciation for the spiritual and moral help that you so brilliantly broadcast.

Hubert A. | Lima, Peru

. . . you can’t imagine the blessing that your program is to me! When I am depressed I remember that you said that Satan is our accuser, and this encourages me once more. From your program I have received wise lessons that my father never gave me. I am very thankful.

A Listener from Costa Rica

I have listened to A Message to the Conscience for over two years. I am writing to congratulate you on your magnificient messages, for although they are short, they always have a great lesson to them. Through difficult times I have received strength from the messages, and little by little my faith in God has grown. I pray for you that the Lord will give you wisdom so that you can carry on this program that has blessed so many.

A Listener