I served a year as the chairman of the board of an organization given to mismanagement and potential fraud. So I proposed management guidelines that were accepted, but with resistance. My fellow board members were afraid to support me when I strongly pushed for the steps that needed to be taken, even though the majority of them agreed with my proposals for improvement. As a result, I decided to resign.

Now these fellow members have become aware of irregularities in the administration, and they’re calling on me… to do the dirty work for them and be the one to stand up and fight…. I think they need to stand up for themselves; but I too am worried about bad things happening in the organization. It bothers me that they don’t have the courage to act, and that they made it a habit to watch the bulls from the stands, while I fought in the ring.

Dear Friend,

What has happened to you is a snapshot of the rampant mismanagement, deception, and fraud existent in companies, organizations, and governments all around the world today. Entire countries, such as the United States, are suffering widespread economic consequences because people at all levels of involvement have turned a blind eye to dishonesty and greed. Fraudulent practices have gone undiscovered for years, specifically because potential informers are too cowardly to do what is right, especially when there may be serious consequences to their own personal lives. In addition, there is dishonesty in the lives of so many people that an entire culture of cover‑up has developed. Each one knows that he cannot afford to enter into a process in which his own deceptions may be exposed.

But you, friend, are one of the exceptions. You live by a high moral principle that places more value on integrity and honesty than on your own comfort and success. You have likely lived your life in such a way that you don’t have any skeletons in your closet, so you are not afraid that someone’s retaliation might expose uncomfortable truths about yourself. Wise Solomon said, “The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out.”(1)

You say that you have resigned your position, so that would indicate that it is no longer possible to work from within. Now you have the opportunity to teach the others how they can respond with integrity. If they are willing to take your advice and do what is right, then you will have helped the organization, as well as the board members as individuals. However, if you have knowledge of any past or present illegal activities, you will also have to contact the appropriate authorities.

When God gave us the commandments prohibiting lying and stealing, He was trying to prevent situations in which any individual profits to the detriment of others. So when we choose to break His commandments, we ultimately hurt ourselves along with society as a whole. We congratulate you not only for keeping the commandments yourself, but also for contributing to a better world by setting the right example.

Keep up the good work!

Linda and Charles
1 Pr 10:9