I am worried about my son. Lately he has been saying things, such as that he likes evil, he wants to read books about demons and spirits, and is curious about the occult. He says he doesn’t believe in Jesus, and says that he needs a logical explanation to believe in God….

Sometimes I think it is because of his age: fourteen. I don’t want this to get worse…. Please help me! I don’t know what to do.

Dear Friend,

Although a certain amount of rebelliousness against what everyone else believes is to be expected from many fourteen-year-olds, we believe that you are right to be concerned, and right to take positive action steps to counteract the negative influences in your son’s life. Parents cannot force their children to believe anything, but they do have some control over the input that their children are receiving.

First, and most importantly, Satan does exist and does have a kingdom on this earth consisting of the occult, spiritism, voodoo, and Satan worship, just to name a few practices. Those who deny the influence of Satan in the world are also denying the Word of God, as spoken by Jesus Himself and recorded by Biblical writers. Matthew describes Jesus’ temptation by Satan in the fourth chapter of his Gospel. It is impossible to believe in the Holy Bible and not believe in Satan and his work in the world. That is why it is so important that you maximize your son’s exposure to God’s work in the world, and minimize his exposure to Satan’s work.

Monitor your son’s computer access so that he does not visit Satan‑inspired websites or play Satanic games. As much as is possible, keep him from acquiring satanic books or magazines. Make sure that you know your son’s friends and their parents, and that he doesn’t spend time with groups that dabble in the occult. Find a youth group in a local church that has fun activities for teenagers, and leaders that your son can respect. Make it possible for your son to attend the activities as well as church services. As you work to surround your son with positive influences, assure him that he ultimately gets to decide for himself whom he will serve, but that your job as a mother is to make sure he has all the knowledge that he needs to make informed choices. And explain to him that while he is a member of your household, you will do all you can to protect him from evil because you love him.

Teenagers in general, and especially at age fourteen, can make the parent’s job extremely difficult. To parent effectively, you must be part detective, part security guard, part wise counselor, and on duty twenty-four hours a day. There is no time to let your guard down. Ultimately, this is a spiritual battle, so pray every day for God’s wisdom and for God’s best in your son’s life.

Always remember that God loves your son even more than you do,

Linda and Charles