Case 69


I am a thirty‑six‑year‑old single woman with no children.... I am extremely timid and insecure. It embarrasses me to speak to others and, when I do, I think they are going to laugh at me. I have tried to be more self‑confident and to not be distrusting of others, but I can’t. At times I [...]

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Case 67


My wife has pancreatic cancer for the second time, and I am desperate.... There are moments when I get depressed from seeing her suffering, and at times I have said that God doesn’t love us and doesn’t listen to us anymore.... At times I feel that I can’t go on, but there is something inside [...]

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Case 56


I am about seventy‑five pounds overweight. My life is a disaster. I don’t go out of the house. My children beg me to take them out, and I tell them no, that they are crazy if they think I’m going out looking like this. I don’t pick them up at school because I don’t want [...]

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Case 31


I was at the point of taking my own life. I have suffered nights of insomnia, crying without anyone seeing. [I am a young man.] It’s been almost two years that I’ve been depressed. My self‑esteem is as low as it can get. I have a hard time even smiling. I have lost my job [...]

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Case 15


[When I was twenty years old]... I met a guy who dedicated as much time to spend with me as I wanted. After a year of being his girlfriend, I had sex for the very first time, giving up my virginity to him. Four months later, I decided to move to another city because of [...]

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Case 13


I have a ten‑year‑old daughter with cerebral palsy. Four years ago I was diagnosed with severe coxarthrosis, thus needing an operation to insert a prosthesis that would be very costly for me. Since I have felt my health deteriorating with each passing day, I have thought many times about taking my life along with the [...]

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