Case 136


I grew up with... parents who were divorced because of infidelity, and with terrible eating disorders.... A schoolmate sexually abused me, but... I believe that it was my fault because while very young I got to know things that weren’t appropriate for my age.... I met a man that I gave myself to in every [...]

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Case 91


My wife told me that our neighbor, who is doing her internship in psychology, gave our eleven‑year‑old son some psychological tests which determined that he is depressed, and that he even told her that it would be better if he killed himself. My wife has mental illness in her background, and... I realize that I [...]

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Case 86


I have decided to commit suicide because I feel like I have lost everything. I have been married for thirty years. I worked long hours and was a tyrant to my wife, but I was never irresponsible. I managed to educate my five children.... Less than two years into our marriage I discovered that my [...]

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Case 84


I feel stressed when I talk, and I tend to stutter, even when I am at home or with my friends.... I always have to be careful which words I say because I have learned that there are words I can always say without stuttering. This is my daily struggle. I am fed up with [...]

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Case 75


I have cancer, and it has crossed my mind that I should introduce my husband to one of my friends. She has a daughter who is ill, and she has told me that her income is not adequate to take care of her child. Since I am dying, I think my husband would be the [...]

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Case 69


I am a thirty‑six‑year‑old single woman with no children.... I am extremely timid and insecure. It embarrasses me to speak to others and, when I do, I think they are going to laugh at me. I have tried to be more self‑confident and to not be distrusting of others, but I can’t. At times I [...]

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Case 67


My wife has pancreatic cancer for the second time, and I am desperate.... There are moments when I get depressed from seeing her suffering, and at times I have said that God doesn’t love us and doesn’t listen to us anymore.... At times I feel that I can’t go on, but there is something inside [...]

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Case 56


I am about seventy‑five pounds overweight. My life is a disaster. I don’t go out of the house. My children beg me to take them out, and I tell them no, that they are crazy if they think I’m going out looking like this. I don’t pick them up at school because I don’t want [...]

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Case 31


I was at the point of taking my own life. I have suffered nights of insomnia, crying without anyone seeing. [I am a young man.] It’s been almost two years that I’ve been depressed. My self‑esteem is as low as it can get. I have a hard time even smiling. I have lost my job [...]

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Case 15


[When I was twenty years old]... I met a guy who dedicated as much time to spend with me as I wanted. After a year of being his girlfriend, I had sex for the very first time, giving up my virginity to him. Four months later, I decided to move to another city because of [...]

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