Responsibilities of children

Case 63


I am a forty‑two‑year‑old nonmarital son. My father is still alive. I love him very much. He has always kept up with me and my mother, but he has never introduced me to his family.... I believe that I should respect his decision to keep my existence a secret.... He is now very old, so [...]

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Case 14


My case began ten years ago. My father has always had a weakness for women; in other words, he’s a womanizer. My mother has always argued with him about this, but he won’t settle down. They have separated thousands of times, only to get back together. I have an older brother, a sister who is [...]

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Case 9


A few days ago, while doing my housework, I had the television on and heard your message that day. I ran to get a pencil and paper to write down how I could get more information about you. I thought you might be able to give me an answer to something that gets me down [...]

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