I worked in an international bank, but I lost my job. I had everything. Now only my wife works and I am at my lowest point, since no one wants to hire a forty-year-old, even though I have so much experience to offer.

I feel like a kept man. I want to work, but I feel like God has abandoned me, especially now that I have been diagnosed with diabetes. In order to write this I’ve had to use a magnifying glass, because my vision has been affected considerably. Has God abandoned me?

Dear Friend,

We are so sorry to hear of the recent difficulties in your life! Losing your job is terrible, but losing your eyesight is devastating. No wonder you are at a low point in your life!

For many people, type 2 diabetes is reversible. If you are overweight (as most people with type 2 diabetes are), we urge you to find help immediately. Many people have the best results when they join a group that helps each other to stay motivated. There are even online groups that offer support and information. With help, you can lower your weight, prolong your life, and possibly reverse your diabetes so that it can be controlled and your risk factors for complications can be minimized.

If you have children, then we encourage you to put most of your effort into caring for them, participating in their studies and their activities, and cooking and cleaning to provide a wonderful home for all of you. Gone are the days when there was “man’s work” and “woman’s work.” All work, whether it is medical, technical, or caregiving can be performed by men or women and is equally valuable. In some cases it makes the most financial sense for the father to be the one who takes care of the home and the children. Even if you and your wife have no children, you can still do your share by keeping the house in great condition and cooking meals for the two of you.

You may never be able to work in your profession again. If you follow our advice and still have time left each day, we suggest that you find a place to volunteer your services. With your financial expertise, you might be able to help people who need advice regarding how to budget their money or how to best invest their resources. Some volunteer work can even eventually lead to paid employment.

Many people in your position give excuses for why they can’t lose weight, why they can’t do the housekeeping and cooking, and why they don’t want to volunteer their time to help others. Those people sit in front of the computer or the television all day long feeling sorry for themselves. They continue to eat an unhealthy diet and refuse to take steps to make their lives better. We certainly hope that you are very different from those people, and that you will follow the advice that we have given.

God has not abandoned you. In fact, He is very close to you right now and wants to have a personal relationship with you. God’s Son, Jesus Christ, died on the cross so that you can simply pray in your own words and ask Him to come into your heart and change your life. He will give you the wisdom, the help, and the strength that you need to make your life productive and fulfilling.

We wish you well,