I have a friend who asked me to tell you her case so that you can help her. She is a woman with four children. The oldest is a thirteen-year-old daughter who has a different father from the man she is living with now (they are not married).

The problem is that she found her partner and her thirteen-year-old daughter kissing. As a result, she discovered that there was a romance going on between them including greeting cards and love letters from her daughter to the man.

He never told my friend about any of this until she discovered them. She decided to send her daughter to live with her parents, but she is still living with this man…. She says that she can’t leave him because of her business, as she can’t trust anyone else with it but him. (He asked for her forgiveness.) Please give her some advice, so I can print it and give it to her.

Dear Friend,

Isn’t it interesting that your friend can trust her partner with the business but not with her own daughter? Somehow she believes that he won’t betray her financially even though he has betrayed her morally, emotionally, and romantically.

This woman trusts a man who obviously has psychological problems and a warped conscience. An adult man who has a romantic relationship with a thirteen-year-old girl is a pedophile and, given more time and opportunity, he would have surely taken advantage of the girl and committed sexual acts with her.

Still, your friend chose to stay with him and send away her own daughter. Obviously a thirteen-year-old child is not the guilty party and should not be sent away as a punishment. She is confused by the attention of a grown man. She needs counseling and emotional support. Instead, she is the one who was treated like a criminal, ripped from her home and siblings, knowing that her mother betrayed her to keep a man.

Normally, we do not choose the cases of those who have submitted someone else’s problem rather than their own. However, this situation has been handled in a way that can damage this girl for the rest of her life. Hopefully your friend will see that she needs to cut this man out of her life immediately, and take responsibility and care for her own daughter.

Your friend desperately needs God’s help and wisdom so that she can get her priorities straight and make better decisions. If she will ask God to forgive her, in Jesus’ name, for all the ways that she has sinned, He will forgive and forget all her sins. Then as she seeks His will for her life, He will show her how to make wise decisions for herself and her family.

We hope she will follow our advice,