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Case 743


Four months ago I met a twenty-seven-year-old woman, and I like her a lot. She has suffered a great deal. Her father was murdered, and she had a couple of relationships that broke her heart even more. She says that she is full of bitterness and anger, that her heart has been hardened. She says [...]

Case 7432022-08-09T19:34:17-07:00

Case 742


In my almost thirty years of life, I have had two romantic relationships, but both were disasters. I suffered humiliations, mockery, lies, and deception. After the last relationship, I went to therapy a couple of times.   Both men have moved on to new relationships, and... I can’t help feeling angry to see they’re apparently [...]

Case 7422022-08-02T16:16:53-07:00

Case 741


I’ve been feeling very depressed lately. I have a job that pays me well, but I don’t have time for myself. I’d like to have time to go out, have a boyfriend, and start a family, but I am afraid because there are no good men anymore. I need to have my own family. I’d [...]

Case 7412022-07-26T22:17:43-07:00

Case 740


I am sixty-seven years old and have been married more than forty years. I’ve made many mistakes that I’m sorry for, especially for having been unfaithful to my wife on several occasions. I’m aware of the harm that I’ve caused and of having hurt my wife, my daughters, and my son. I don’t want to [...]

Case 7402022-07-26T22:15:32-07:00

Case 739


My mother has been losing her memory. I take care of her twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. She is bedridden now. My father died a few years ago, and she confuses me with him.... The occasional times when my aunt can take care of my mother so that I can get out [...]

Case 7392022-07-12T20:30:16-07:00

Case 738


For the past two years I have been in love with a man who is thirty-six years old, and I am only eighteen. The first time that I saw him, I felt something very special.... Recently I saw him again. We looked at each other, and this time I felt something even stronger. Now I [...]

Case 7382022-07-05T20:45:49-07:00

Case 737


A few weeks ago, I traveled to another country without my twenty-eight and thirty-year-old adult children. Just a few days later, my older son jumped from a third floor and killed himself. So I returned to my country, but now I don’t have the energy to do anything at all. I would appreciate a word [...]

Case 7372022-06-27T22:06:43-07:00

Case 736


I found out that my brother’s wife had been unfaithful. She gave me her phone to take it for repair, and I happened to see some indecent photos on it that I realized were of her with my sister’s husband. That bothered me a lot, so I confronted them and told them that they had [...]

Case 7362022-06-20T15:51:07-07:00

Case 735


I have a brother whose wife left him because of physical and emotional abuse.... Now he’s living with another woman.... He is a macho manipulator....   Right now, both my brother and I live with my parents. All my life he has verbally abused me.... The last time he assaulted me physically. I have chosen [...]

Case 7352022-06-13T16:56:59-07:00

Case 734


I got married two years ago, and now we are in the process of separating. My wife said that she was leaving because of our economic situation. She clarified that she loved me, but only in the good times when we had money. She insists that we get a divorce. What can I do?   [...]

Case 7342022-06-06T18:31:46-07:00
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