Case 398


I am very worried. Two girls that were preaching... convinced me that I should be baptized that same day.... I let them baptize me in a bathtub, so later I wanted to find out more about their congregation. It turns out that I made a serious mistake, because they had not told me the whole [...]

Case 3982021-01-20T02:26:07-07:00

Case 322


I opened a false account on a social networking site using the picture of another guy. For two years I have had a girlfriend, but before her I liked another girl who never paid attention to me. Now with the false account, I have begun a relationship with the first girl, and she has fallen [...]

Case 3222021-01-20T03:17:50-07:00

Case 316


My wife and I have been separated for a week because she got tired of me lying about loaning money to my brother.... We are both doctors. We have no financial problems, but my wife, having decided that I have lied to her more than once, asked me for a divorce. I told her that [...]

Case 3162021-01-20T03:07:01-07:00

Case 258


My older brother and his wife have three sons and two daughters.... My brother constantly asks his children for money, even though he is not destitute, for he has two houses that he owns and rents out while he lives in the house that our mother left when she died.... The second-oldest son has gotten [...]

Case 2582021-01-20T03:42:31-07:00

Case 242


I met a neighbor and allowed her to use my name various times to borrow money.... The issue is that she has defaulted and made me look bad. Neither she nor her husband nor her daughter will speak to me anymore, and I am left holding the bag with the moneylender. It has turned into [...]

Case 2422021-01-20T03:59:54-07:00

Case 220


Two months have gone by, and I can’t find work. I have a one-year-old daughter and my wife. I feel frustrated, worried, and my wife has even said that I am a failure. I have been offered the opportunity to go illegally in search of the American Dream and leave my family. I feel so [...]

Case 2202021-01-20T04:13:38-07:00

Case 159


Because of a lie, my home is disintegrating.... A month ago, I moved in with my parents because of this problem.... On Wednesday, I traveled back to the capital to see my family, but my wife treated me very badly and wouldn’t allow me to see my son. I know that he needs me because [...]

Case 1592021-01-20T04:36:20-07:00

Case 62


I like to be sincere. I know that lying is one of those sins that God doesn’t like, but every time someone asks my opinion, my answer is not what they expected. This happens a lot with my girlfriend.... It makes her start an argument and then start crying, claiming that I mistreat her and [...]

Case 622021-01-20T05:06:26-07:00

Case 43


This week we answer two different cases, one written by a woman and the other by a man, both dealing with the same problem. The woman wrote: “How can I be free of lies... or half‑truths? Every time I resolve to tell the truth, I fall back and lie or I have the tendency to [...]

Case 432021-01-20T05:19:53-07:00
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