Case 388


I have a wife and a son.... I think I am an alcoholic because every week I drink, and then I feel sad and disconsolate, and beg God to deliver me from alcohol. I think that it is not good for my son to grow up watching me drink. Right now I work far away, [...]

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Case 360


I am nineteen years old. When I was eighteen I began to work at a business where my parents are shareholders. To all my family I am “the hope to be president of the company” someday, so there are many expectations placed upon me. But this past year, working, studying at the university, and trying [...]

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Case 332


I have been verbally and physically abused since the time of my marriage eighteen years ago.... When I met my husband, he was a deacon, and sometime later he became the pastor; but that didn’t stop him from beating me until I had bruises all over my body and was bleeding. One time I lost [...]

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Case 327


I am twenty-three and have plans to marry a woman who is the same age. She is an only child, and her mother is not really in agreement with our marriage plans. I understand that it is rather difficult for her because of my girlfriend being her only child, but what bothers me the most [...]

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Case 326


I have an older brother who is thirty-five and I am thirty. He has been separated from his wife for two years because he is a drunk.... He doesn’t do anything for his two children and he lives off of other people.... Three years ago he got a loan, complete with a legal contract, and [...]

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Case 319


I have a lot of guilt pent up inside me, and I need God’s forgiveness. I married a beautiful woman who already had a daughter. When she turned thirteen, she told me about her romance with her boyfriend, and we ended up touching each other inappropriately. That went on for two or three months. I [...]

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Case 283


I am a father who, together with my wife, has worked very hard. Our nineteen-year-old son is causing us a lot of problems, and we don’t know what to do. He got a job, but fell in with unsavory friends who convinced him to steal merchandise from the store where he was working, resulting in [...]

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Case 266


I am thirty-three years old and up until a month ago I had an excellent job that enabled me to support my wife, my children, and my parents. But the downside of the job was that it was outside of the country and I had to go six months at a time without seeing my [...]

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Case 258


My older brother and his wife have three sons and two daughters.... My brother constantly asks his children for money, even though he is not destitute, for he has two houses that he owns and rents out while he lives in the house that our mother left when she died.... The second-oldest son has gotten [...]

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Case 247


I was abused when I was five years old. Growing up with alcoholic parents was a living hell. Now I am happily married.... However, my parents are still alcoholics. Now they are raising my younger sister’s daughters because she is a drug addict.... When I went to visit them today, I found my mother inebriated [...]

Case 2472021-01-20T04:01:39-07:00
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