Case 258


My older brother and his wife have three sons and two daughters.... My brother constantly asks his children for money, even though he is not destitute, for he has two houses that he owns and rents out while he lives in the house that our mother left when she died.... The second-oldest son has gotten [...]

Case 2582021-01-20T03:42:31-07:00

Case 247


I was abused when I was five years old. Growing up with alcoholic parents was a living hell. Now I am happily married.... However, my parents are still alcoholics. Now they are raising my younger sister’s daughters because she is a drug addict.... When I went to visit them today, I found my mother inebriated [...]

Case 2472021-01-20T04:01:39-07:00

Case 201


I was fifteen years old when I met my biological father. My mother got back together with him, and they got married. I accepted him, and all was going well.... But after a few weeks they had an argument, and my mother sent me to sleep at the place where my father had moved. One [...]

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Case 207


It all started when I told my mother that I was getting married. She disapproved of my marriage; but I didn’t listen to her and got married anyway.... From that moment on, my mother has been the cause of my problems because of her attitude, and I had to move away from home to live [...]

Case 2072021-01-20T04:07:49-07:00

Case 567


I have a younger sister who has always had a strange attitude toward me. She constantly boasts about her intelligence and memory while subtly denigrating mine. She doesn’t just do this with me, but also with others who are family or friends of hers. As I get older, I feel less tolerant of her and, [...]

Case 5672023-02-14T21:53:29-07:00

Case 557


I’ve lived my whole life walking on a tightrope with regard to my family of origin. In my house there has always been verbal abuse and sometimes even physical violence for as far back as I can remember. That’s why I’ve not yet decided to start my own family. I don’t think I’m ready, and [...]

Case 5572023-02-14T22:14:07-07:00

Case 520


I am thirty-six years old, and I decided to have a relationship with a single mother of three daughters. The big problem is that she is very permissive with the girls, and they don’t know how to do household chores. I have to do the washing, the cooking, and other things. Also, my girlfriend has [...]

Case 5202023-02-14T22:22:51-07:00

Case 511


Ever since my childhood, my mother and stepfather have fought incessantly with each other. Their arguments are about my stepfather’s infidelity.... My mother is very jealous because she has found him talking to a lot of women. From that, she always believes that he is being unfaithful to her. They got married two years ago. [...]

Case 5112023-06-08T17:01:44-07:00

Case 506


I am a fifteen-year-old girl.... My mother left me when I was two years old. She moved to another country, supposedly to give me a better life. However, a few months ago in a conversation with her she confessed that I was an accident, not wanted by my mother nor my father. They say that [...]

Case 5062023-06-08T16:34:23-07:00

Case 492


My father, because of bad behavior, is a prisoner at sixty years of age.... I visit him every couple of weeks with my children. We take him money and food, and some aunts also visit him and take him food. One of those aunts just told me that my dad has revealed embarrassing secrets about [...]

Case 4922023-06-08T16:58:43-07:00
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