Case 221


I am writing this message because I am very sad. My husband won’t speak to me because, without consulting with him, I co-signed a loan for my brother-in-law. I know that I should have consulted with my husband, but my sister asked me the favor because they need the money. I know that I did [...]

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Case 220


Two months have gone by, and I can’t find work. I have a one-year-old daughter and my wife. I feel frustrated, worried, and my wife has even said that I am a failure. I have been offered the opportunity to go illegally in search of the American Dream and leave my family. I feel so [...]

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Case 207


It all started when I told my mother that I was getting married. She disapproved of my marriage; but I didn’t listen to her and got married anyway.... From that moment on, my mother has been the cause of my problems because of her attitude, and I had to move away from home to live [...]

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Case 201


I was fifteen years old when I met my biological father. My mother got back together with him, and they got married. I accepted him, and all was going well.... But after a few weeks they had an argument, and my mother sent me to sleep at the place where my father had moved. One [...]

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Case 188


When I was six years old, my parents argued a lot. My mother tried to kill herself many times right in front of my little sister and me. She wanted to die because my father had another woman and another daughter that was hers. We have gotten past those bad times, but we haven’t totally [...]

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Case 172


Never in my twenty-five years have I met my father, but I have had some contact with his relatives.... A month ago I found him on a social networking site and I wrote to him, but he never responded. He has always denied being my father, and now that I have found out that he [...]

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Case 161


I am the oldest of nine brothers and sisters.... I always had the drive to have a successful career, but my family’s poverty put roadblocks in my way.... Many times I didn’t even have the money I needed to ride the bus [to school]. But in spite of the poverty, I kept striving toward something [...]

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Case 142


Hi! I am fifteen years old, and I need some advice. It seems like my father prefers to work instead of spending time with his family. This problem has gone on forever, according to my grandmother. I know that he has to work, but he is too dedicated to his job. Sometimes he has worked [...]

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Case 138


I have a relative who has unfortunately not known how to manage his finances. He has two children in private schools, and he can’t manage the payments.... He needs money for his business, and he has asked my husband and me to take out a bank loan for him, since we would be approved. Our [...]

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Case 128


I brought my mother, my brother, and a nephew to live with me on the condition that my brother and nephew would get a job. They were not to pay rent for awhile, but they were to be productive. My nephew goes to school..., but we discovered that... he had friends who were a bad [...]

Case 1282021-01-20T04:45:01-07:00
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