Case 338


I am thirty years old, and I think that since childhood I have always been able to accomplish anything that I set my mind to. The downside is that sometimes, when playing games, I tried to take advantage of others by making up “fuzzy” rules, confusing the other players into compliance. Today, as I look back, I [...]

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Case 330


My case goes back to my childhood. When I was five years old I was raped many times, day after day, perhaps for a year. I don’t think my father ever knew, but everytime I remember, I am filled with guilt, bitterness, and the powerlessness of not being able to do anything about it.... I [...]

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Case 325


I am twenty-two years old, and I made the worst mistake of my life. I had a month-long relationship that I stopped when I found out that my boyfriend was married. But I found out too late because, as a result, I am now pregnant and he disappeared, not wanting to know anything about this. [...]

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Case 319


I have a lot of guilt pent up inside me, and I need God’s forgiveness. I married a beautiful woman who already had a daughter. When she turned thirteen, she told me about her romance with her boyfriend, and we ended up touching each other inappropriately. That went on for two or three months. I [...]

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Case 306


I work from Monday to Friday from 5:00 AM until 6:00 or 8:00 PM. My wife is an independent salesperson who leaves the house to charge her accounts two nights a week.... But she also goes to church two days a week, and that bothers me and makes me angry because it leaves very little [...]

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Case 297


I don’t know if God can forgive me. It’s my second abortion, and what’s more, for over a year I have been cheating on my husband with a married man. I know that my behavior is not pleasing to God. That’s why I’m asking if God can forgive me, since I knew it was wrong [...]

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Case 293


I don’t know why I’m not able to trust in God. I think that maybe He won’t answer me. At times I have even doubted His existence, and haven’t been able to grasp that what the Bible says is also true for my life.... My lack of confidence in God, my fears, and the thought [...]

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Case 262


My fifty-five-year-old husband died of a sudden heart attack after thirty-six years of marriage.... He had chest pains and called me. I told him to go see a doctor, and he said that he would just take an aspirin. I couldn’t do anything: he died in my arms. I tried to revive him and gave [...]

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Case 268


Before we were married, I forced my wife to have an abortion. For a long time we have been sorry for that evil decision, and now, after nine years, we would like to have a child; but she can’t get pregnant. All of the medical exams have come out fine and there is no physical [...]

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Case 235


I have been married for five years. My husband and I are both professionals, but we have never been able to find jobs in our area of specialization. I feel disillusioned with my husband because he is apathetic and hasn’t come up with anything. He is very good, loving, and helps a lot in the [...]

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