Case 546


I am a forty-one-year-old father, married for twelve years.... I’ve had to live with a huge weight on my conscience all of these years.... Several times I have had the desire to get close to God, but the guilt has been stronger. My pastor has told me that it is because I married my half-sister, [...]

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Case 543


I am the mother of an eleven-year-old son, who is adorable. I work, I study in the university, and I have a husband I must care for. I feel very divided and don’t get to concentrate on what I really want. I am obligated to work because of economic need, but I don’t like my [...]

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Case 521


Ever since I was in the eighth grade in school I have had bad thoughts that bother me a lot. Vulgar and offensive words have been stuck in my mind, and lately they have gotten worse. I have begun to have bad thoughts about my parents, whom I love.... I ask God every day to [...]

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Case 514


During my childhood I was sexually abused by various members of my family on numerous occasions. Every time I would tell my mother, she would tell me that I deserved it because I was a dirty girl and a liar. She would always make me think that I had imagined what had happened, as [...]

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Case 495


From our childhood on, my sister and I shared everything. She was a little older than I am, and was like a mother to me. Nevertheless, as a brainless traitor, I misspent her hard-earned money on a lost property.... Then, when she needed to get over an illness, I couldn’t help her. I caused her [...]

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Case 491


I am a thirty-four year-old woman.... I had a difficult time with my studies because I had to work at the same time, so I finally dropped out of the university. I was afraid to tell my father that I had quit school, so I lied and told him that I had finished my degree. [...]

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Case 451


The side mirror of my car on the passenger side hit the side mirror of a parked car, but I kept on driving because I didn’t think that any real damage had been done. When I got to work I looked at my mirror and saw that there were shards of glass and a scratch [...]

Case 4512024-04-10T19:07:06-07:00

Case 403


I know that our decisions should be made according to the will of God, but how can I be sure if I’m doing the right thing? Sometimes I feel uncertain, and it seems like I’m going crazy. I live surrounded by neighbors who hate me because I don’t allow them to control me. I follow [...]

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Case 374


I decided to take care of my mother due to the fact that none of my siblings could get along with her (she was very hard on us all her life).... We always had conflict in our home, and I shielded myself so that I wouldn’t be affected by what she said to me. I [...]

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Case 369


I had illicit relations with a married man and ended up pregnant, and had an abortion because I didn’t want my family to find out. From then until now I have continued to have remorse.... What I did is heavy on my conscience, and I am experiencing anxiety and distress.... I need your help because [...]

Case 3692024-04-10T20:33:02-07:00
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