Case 521


Ever since I was in the eighth grade in school I have had bad thoughts that bother me a lot. Vulgar and offensive words have been stuck in my mind, and lately they have gotten worse. I have begun to have bad thoughts about my parents, whom I love.... I ask God every day to [...]

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Case 514


During my childhood I was sexually abused by various members of my family on numerous occasions. Every time I would tell my mother, she would tell me that I deserved it because I was a dirty girl and a liar. She would always make me think that I had imagined what had happened, as if [...]

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Case 491


I am a thirty-four year-old woman.... I had a difficult time with my studies because I had to work at the same time, so I finally dropped out of the university. I was afraid to tell my father that I had quit school, so I lied and told him that I had finished my degree. [...]

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Case 495


From our childhood on, my sister and I shared everything. She was a little older than I am, and was like a mother to me. Nevertheless, as a brainless traitor, I misspent her hard-earned money on a lost property.... Then, when she needed to get over an illness, I couldn’t help her. I caused her [...]

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Case 508


Three years ago, I met my girlfriend and her two daughters. I don’t know what came over me and caused me to commit the worst mistake of my life. Without thinking, I let myself be caught up in the antics of one of the girls, and I took the liberty to touch her inappropriately. That [...]

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Case 451


The side mirror of my car on the passenger side hit the side mirror of a parked car, but I kept on driving because I didn’t think that any real damage had been done. When I got to work I looked at my mirror and saw that there were shards of glass and a scratch [...]

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Case 445


I am a single mother who will be forty in a few months. My son is ten and is a great kid. But even though I enjoy his company very much, every day I feel lonely and unhappy for not having a house and a home for him. I would have liked to do things [...]

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Case 443


Many years ago my parents were murdered.... The scene continues to pass through my mind, and I ask God to help me forget those memories. My grandmother, an aunt, and some other relatives helped my sister and me to move on. Now we are professional women with great ambitions. However, it’s very hard for me [...]

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Case 408


I am a young man who had a problem with pornography for seven years. It made me feel as if my life were garbage.... I told my father about my problem, and he said that when I made mistakes in life, I didn’t have to keep on repeating those mistakes, and that God would forgive [...]

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Case 405


I am a single woman in my thirties.... I have had some romantic relationships, but none leading to marriage. I would love to have a home and children, but I have not yet gotten the opportunity. I have been in love many times, but I always suffer because there is not a happy ending. I [...]

Case 4052021-01-20T05:54:39-07:00
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