Marriage (Spousal Abuse)

Case 469


I am married to a wonderful man, flawed as any human being is, but with a very noble heart. We have been married for eight years, though separated for one month because of major problems in our relationship stemming from the fact that I am very aggressive. We got back together, and I changed for [...]

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Case 467


My wife accused me of infidelity and she hit me.... I swore on the life of our son that it wasn’t true, but she didn’t believe me and had me forcibly removed from her house by the police because I wouldn’t let her hit me again.... I told my wife that I would do everything [...]

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Case 413


I have been separated from my husband for three years. I had to ask him to leave the house because he physically abused me while I was pregnant. A few months ago we began talking again, even though he has never provided economically for our two children.... He told me that he would attend a [...]

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Case 406


My father is addicted to drugs and alcohol, and is very aggressive and violent. We have put up with his abuse and violence toward our mother for many years. Every time she has put him out of the house, it has only lasted a few months. Every spiritual leader that my mother has consulted has [...]

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Case 384


I have been married for approximately seven years, and we have two children.... During an argument, I stabbed my husband in the chest with a small knife. Thank God, it didn’t hurt him seriously; but now we are legally separated and are waiting on a court ruling regarding the custody of the children. I need [...]

Case 3842023-02-18T22:13:37-07:00

Case 190


Seven months ago I married a man who had respected me while I was his girlfriend, but four months before the wedding, he began to act very aggressively and violently. He hurts me with offensive words and insults, and he also hits me when he is depressed or tired. He takes out all his anger [...]

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Case 150


I lost interest in my wife and became a compulsive spender. Instead of depositing to our joint account, I was the one who spent the most money. Time after time she begged me to light the fire in our relationship, but instead of listening to what she wanted, I continued spending more and more money [...]

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Case 107


I am twenty‑eight years old and have been married for a year and a half, with no children yet. My husband hits me. I have spoken with him about it and told him that I don’t want him to call me bad names and that I won’t permit him to hit me again (he thinks [...]

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Case 80


I am sixteen and have been married almost a year. Four months ago my husband began to hit me.... He wasn’t like that before, and sometimes he scares me. He puts me in a cold shower when he is very mad at me.... He keeps a jealous eye on me constantly and gets angry for [...]

Case 802023-06-05T19:38:17-07:00

Case 51


I have been married for six years and have a five‑year‑old daughter and a two‑year‑old son. Ever since our first year of marriage, my husband has hit me for any reason at all, even once when I was pregnant. We have talked about it many times. He always tells me that he will change, but [...]

Case 512023-06-08T17:56:20-07:00
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