Marriage (Spousal Abuse)

Case 307


For years I have struggled with the memories of the arguments my parents used to have. My mother was the victim of my father’s temper and foul language.... I am now married and have three children, and have to admit that I have failed, in that I am repeating the same pattern with my wife. [...]

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Case 275


A while back I discovered that my wife was talking to another man and that she wanted to go out with him. When I found out... it hurt me so much that I just wanted to ask her why. At that time, I went to where she was so that we could talk, but I [...]

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Case 252


I urgently need help! I filed for divorce from my husband... because of sexual abuse, infidelity, violation of human dignity, abuse, cruelty, lies, abandonment, and other reasons. A year and a half ago I moved in with my parents along with my three sons who are fifteen, seventeen, and nineteen years of age due to [...]

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Case 243


I was married for two years. From the beginning of my marriage, my husband was very violent. He would hit me because of jealousy that was unwarranted.... One day he hit me and left. The same thing happened over and over again. It was a revolving door. When he would get angry, he would leave. [...]

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Case 190


Seven months ago I married a man who had respected me while I was his girlfriend, but four months before the wedding, he began to act very aggressively and violently. He hurts me with offensive words and insults, and he also hits me when he is depressed or tired. He takes out all his anger [...]

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Case 157


I haven’t told this to anyone. My husband... hits me all the time. My entire body is bruised, but not my face, so no one can tell. Only my neighbors know, and they are discreet and don’t say anything. Not long ago I realized that he is taking drugs and drinks alcohol.... His friends don’t [...]

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Case 150


I lost interest in my wife and became a compulsive spender. Instead of depositing to our joint account, I was the one who spent the most money. Time after time she begged me to light the fire in our relationship, but instead of listening to what she wanted, I continued spending more and more money [...]

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Case 107


I am twenty‑eight years old and have been married for a year and a half, with no children yet. My husband hits me. I have spoken with him about it and told him that I don’t want him to call me bad names and that I won’t permit him to hit me again (he thinks [...]

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Case 80


I am sixteen and have been married almost a year. Four months ago my husband began to hit me.... He wasn’t like that before, and sometimes he scares me. He puts me in a cold shower when he is very mad at me.... He keeps a jealous eye on me constantly and gets angry for [...]

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Case 39


My wife is super jealous. Every time I get home, she wants a detailed explanation of everything I have done. She checks my cell phone and is always on the lookout for what she might discover. I am at a crossroads. I don’t want to leave her. I love her; but when she acts this [...]

Case 392021-01-20T05:18:33-07:00
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