Robbery / Fraud

Case 222


I have a serious problem handling cash. Since I was a young child, I have always worked. As a result, I have had several economic problems and, on one occasion, at one of my jobs they discovered that I had taken some money. By the grace of God, I didn’t end up in jail; but [...]

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Case 211


My son went to live with his uncle and, three months later, I found out that he had stolen money from their store. We resolved the situation between the two parties calmly, but the news spread to all the family. Now no one wants anything to do with us, and we are estranged from the [...]

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Case 185


I have been working in a fast food restaurant for eight months. Every day I observed my coworkers taking money from the cash register and stealing it without a second thought. For more than five months I avoided that dreadful misconduct, but the temptation was always there. Two months ago I fell into the destructive [...]

Case 1852023-06-08T19:12:15-07:00

Case 148


Lately my life has been a disaster.... I’ve had problems with my wife, and we are in the beginning stages of a divorce.... I have gotten in the habit of drinking almost every day, and one of those times when I was drunk... I stole some electronic equipment from a friend. I ended up returning [...]

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Case 135


I had a high-level position in a significant company, but I took advantage of the situation because, without realizing it, little by little I began taking money without returning it. I was on vacation when they discovered the embezzlement, and I was afraid to go back to my country. More than a year has passed, [...]

Case 1352024-04-12T12:15:36-07:00

Case 101


I work for a business where they trust me. Sometimes I don’t have enough money to meet my needs. I sell parts and, when the customers don’t want a receipt, I make up receipts to show that they gave me less money than they really did, and I keep the rest. I want to change. [...]

Case 1012024-04-12T12:37:40-07:00

Case 65


I served a year as the chairman of the board of an organization given to mismanagement and potential fraud. So I proposed management guidelines that were accepted, but with resistance. My fellow board members were afraid to support me when I strongly pushed for the steps that needed to be taken, even though the majority [...]

Case 652024-04-12T14:22:06-07:00

Case 17


It happened at the coffee shop, where I work. One day I was there alone when two teenagers came in. When they left, one of them got distracted and forgot to take his wallet with him. I saw the wallet, grabbed it quickly, and put it under a table, acting as if nothing had happened. [...]

Case 172023-03-22T20:32:37-07:00
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