Case 537


I am sorry that I was unfaithful to my ex-husband. We got divorced, and now I am with a man who is twenty-four years older than I. We have a five-year-old daughter.... He is a good father. He always provides everything for our home. He even meets all the needs of my children from my [...]

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Case 533


I am a single mother. I’ve been living with my boyfriend for a year. He has a daughter and I have a son, both teenagers, and we have been living together as a family. A short time ago we found out that our two teenagers had an inappropriate encounter and, even though they didn’t go [...]

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Case 525


For the past two years I’ve been living with a man who is fourteen years older than I am. He has two children from two different relationships.... Since the beginning of our relationship, he has had a password on his phone. I told him many times that I didn’t like that, and that as a [...]

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Case 522


I have a son who is fifteen and who went to live with my parents. He doesn’t get along with the man who I live with and with whom I have a three-year-old daughter. My boyfriend doesn’t love my son nor my parents, and he speaks of them in an ugly way. I decided to [...]

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Case 520


I am thirty-six years old, and I decided to have a relationship with a single mother of three daughters. The big problem is that she is very permissive with the girls, and they don’t know how to do household chores. I have to do the washing, the cooking, and other things. Also, my girlfriend has [...]

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Case 517


I lived with my children’s father for eight years, but we never got married.... One day he left us for another woman.... For the past two years he has been living with the other woman and me at the same time.... Three times he has come back and then left again. Now he wants to [...]

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Case 494


I am a thirty-seven-year-old woman. I have been living with my boyfriend for three months. At first, everything was working out; but since then I have faced reality, and it seems like he has two personalities. When he’s angry, he yells at me, insults me, and humiliates me. It feels like he doesn’t love me, [...]

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Case 483


I have a two-month-old baby and I live with my mother. My baby’s father also lived with us, but three days ago he left. Now he wants me to go and live with him at his sister-in-law’s house, but I don’t want to because I don’t get along with her, and my mother is very [...]

Case 4832023-06-08T16:38:08-07:00

Case 473


I am a thirty-three-year-old single woman. I made an agreement with my partner that we would get married at the beginning of next year. However, just a month ago he was in an accident and the doctor said that it is possible he is now sterile, as well as other complications.... Now that he is [...]

Case 4732023-02-18T21:33:55-07:00

Case 465


I separated from my girlfriend two years ago. We had two children together. I still love her, but she lies to me all the time and her mother backs her up.... All they care about is what I have to contribute financially. She knows that I love her, and that’s why she taunts me. But [...]

Case 4652023-02-18T21:29:05-07:00
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