Case 607


I met my wife twelve years ago. She had a seven-month-old daughter. The biological father of her daughter had abandoned them.... He had even told my wife, when she was pregnant, that she would have to abort the baby if she wanted to stay with him. I came into her life and offered my help. [...]

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Case 586


My husband and I have been married for eleven years and have two children.... He is a technician; I am a professional. The economic and educational burden for the children is mine. I also pay the mortgage and for our housekeeper. Since my husband earns less than I do, there are less things that he [...]

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Case 572


I’ve been married for four years, and we have a three-year-old daughter. Two years ago, I met a girl who I consider to be a friend. She knows that I am married. We constantly send text messages back and forth, but the conversations are very innocent. At the beginning of my marriage I made a [...]

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Case 552


I have been married for nine years. We have four small children. About a month ago, my husband’s debts began to come to light: rent payments, payments on a small loan that he has, and a mortgage payment. I was notified of these debts in my home. In spite of this, when I talked to [...]

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Case 550


I have a son, and my husband has a ten-year-old daughter. She only visits us on weekends and holidays, but when she is here, my husband practically ignores me and my son. He even walks next to her when we go out. I have told him how I feel, but he doesn’t agree with my [...]

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Case 546


I am a forty-one-year-old father, married for twelve years.... I’ve had to live with a huge weight on my conscience all of these years.... Several times I have had the desire to get close to God, but the guilt has been stronger. My pastor has told me that it is because I married my half-sister, [...]

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Case 466


I am thirty-two years old. I’ve been married for five years, and we have a five-year-old daughter. Recently my wife and I have been having arguments. Every time we have a disagreement over the slightest thing, she hides the car key and the house key, and tells me to get out of the house. I’m [...]

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Case 458


I have been married for nine years. Six months ago my wife began working in a casino. She had always said that she loved me, but three months ago she changed completely toward me saying she didn’t love me, but only wanted me. Around three weeks ago I saw on her cell phone that she [...]

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Case 435


I have been trapped by alcoholism. It has brought many problems into my marriage, including fights and recriminations. I’ve asked my wife to forgive me for what I’ve done wrong, but two weeks ago she began saying that she wants to get separated. I just found on her mobile phone that she has been in [...]

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Case 427


My husband and I have been married for twelve years.... I discovered, after marrying him, that he had a lot of debt. I helped him pay off the debt at the beginning of our marriage. I took charge and became responsible for the financial management of the household until four years ago, when he told [...]

Case 4272021-01-20T02:14:40-07:00
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