Absentee Parents

Case 639


I got married eleven years ago.... We have a nine-year-old son.... Recently I found out that my husband has a seven-month-old baby girl with another woman.... I decided to forgive him. He says he doesn’t have anything to do with the mother of that baby girl anymore. However, I don’t know how to get over [...]

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Case 622


Not long ago I found out that my boyfriend was about to become a father.... He admitted that it was true, but said that he no longer has any relationship with the baby’s mother.... Now the baby has been born and my boyfriend legally acknowledged that he is the father. As pertains to me, he [...]

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Case 599


I am thirty-eight and have never married, but I have three children with two different women: with the first woman, a fifteen-year-old daughter, and with the current woman, two children who are six and eight years old. I get along better with the first woman than with the second. Deep down inside I’m afraid I [...]

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Case 583


My girlfriend is the single mother of a six-month-old daughter. The pregnancy was not planned, and she doesn’t love the baby’s father. It was a bad relationship. She decided to break up with him before she knew that she was pregnant.... The baby girl’s father now wants to be with the two of them, but [...]

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Case 579


A month after my partner and I started living together, she got pregnant, but I thought that she had been unfaithful to me. So I ordered a DNA test, and the child is mine. The question I have is: Was it a sin for me to ask for a DNA test? Dear Friend, You ask [...]

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Case 456


My girlfriend and I had been in a relationship for four years when I met another woman and was unfaithful with her. I confessed the infidelity to my girlfriend because I love her, so I asked her to forgive me to get things right between us again. But within a short time the other woman [...]

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Case 454


I am a single mother with a two-year old child. The father of my son abandoned me when I needed him the most. After a year he came back and said that he wanted to help me... so he now gives me some help each month.... The problem is that he has a wife and [...]

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Case 421


My wife and I have two children, but I was unfaithful, and from my sin came a beautiful little girl who is now three years old, the same age as my youngest son. I confessed my sin to my wife, and she forgave me but said I had to distance myself from my daughter. I [...]

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Case 419


I had a girlfriend, and for various reasons we broke up. However, we did get back together one time and had sex, even though by then she had another boyfriend. She ended up pregnant and at first she said that her new boyfriend was the father, but then she said that the baby is mine. [...]

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Case 383


A week ago we found out that my girlfriend is pregnant.... I am still a student. Because of that, my girlfriend decided to not tell anyone who the father of the child is. Apparently her mother is going to stand behind her, but my family does not know anything. I have asked the Lord, repentantly, [...]

Case 3832023-02-18T22:13:10-07:00
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