Absentee Parents

Case 421


My wife and I have two children, but I was unfaithful, and from my sin came a beautiful little girl who is now three years old, the same age as my youngest son. I confessed my sin to my wife, and she forgave me but said I had to distance myself from my daughter. I [...]

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Case 419


I had a girlfriend, and for various reasons we broke up. However, we did get back together one time and had sex, even though by then she had another boyfriend. She ended up pregnant and at first she said that her new boyfriend was the father, but then she said that the baby is mine. [...]

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Case 383


A week ago we found out that my girlfriend is pregnant.... I am still a student. Because of that, my girlfriend decided to not tell anyone who the father of the child is. Apparently her mother is going to stand behind her, but my family does not know anything. I have asked the Lord, repentantly, [...]

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Case 355


I am a twenty-one year old guy, and I got a twenty-two year old girl pregnant. Her mother doesn’t know yet. When she finds out, she could throw us out of her house. I am very worried and don’t know what to do. I pray a lot that God will help me, but I don’t [...]

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Case 329


I lost my job and had to leave the city where I was living.... I met a woman there who is twenty-five years younger than I am, and fell in love with her. I left my wife and moved in with the woman. We began a sexual relationship and now have a son who is [...]

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Case 299


I am going through a very difficult and sad period of my life. I have a seven-month-old daughter, and my boyfriend left me when she was born. He sees my daughter, but he doesn’t want to be with me anymore. The truth is that it is a very difficult and painful situation. I often repeat [...]

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Case 292


I have been married for twenty years, and almost all that time I was unfaithful to my wife with different women. I have several children as a result of those relationships. Of those that I am in contact with, one is sixteen and another is fifteen years old. Should I look out for them? Should [...]

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Case 267


A woman told me that she had a daughter but had ended the relationship with the girl’s father.... We started seeing each other more, and she ended up pregnant. She told me that she wanted to get married right away, but I said that we should give ourselves some time to think about it.... When [...]

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Case 251


My case is full of mistakes that tend to get worse and worse. A year ago I found out that I was going to be a father.... But before my girlfriend gave me the news, we had a big fight and were separated for five months.... Because I was distraught, I found another woman to [...]

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Case 236


I am fifty-one years old and have been married for close to twenty-five years. I have three wonderful children and I think of myself as a good father, but a bad husband. About ten years ago, I met a single girl and we had a romantic relationship.... She ended up pregnant, and now I have [...]

Case 2362024-04-02T21:45:25-07:00
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