Absentee Parents

Case 203


I have been married for six years, and I have a precious daughter whom I love with all my heart; but I also have something that torments me: another daughter who was born as the result of a relationship with another woman before I was married to my wife.... I was never man enough to [...]

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Case 172


Never in my twenty-five years have I met my father, but I have had some contact with his relatives.... A month ago I found him on a social networking site and I wrote to him, but he never responded. He has always denied being my father, and now that I have found out that he [...]

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Case 179


When I found out that my husband had a son with another woman, it made me sick, but I asked God to help me to forgive him.... My daughters and my family all say that I am wrong, that by accepting the child I am glossing over the sin; but I don’t see it like [...]

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Case 166


My case is just like all the others of stupid men who... commit adultery. When my son was only five months old, I had a sexual encounter with a woman from work and she ended up pregnant. My wife threw me out of the house, but after a little while I went back. She then [...]

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Case 160


I have an eight-year-old daughter. I never lived with her father.... I still love him, and that is why I have always told him that I want to live with him, but I am aware that he doesn’t love me and he has no desire to live together. That’s why I’ve never required anything of him. [...]

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Case 147


After twenty-five years of marriage, I found out that ten years ago my husband had an affair from which a little girl was born. I was furious and wanted to leave him. But as time has passed, we have managed to accept what happened. One day he confessed to me that ever since the time [...]

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Case 144


About four years ago I had a relationship with a man who is twelve years older than I am.... After being with him about five months, I discovered... alarming details about him, among others that he had been in jail for three years, that he likes marijuana, that he hates his mother, that he is [...]

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Case 132


Fifteen years ago I got a woman pregnant who loved me. I was married but separated from my wife at that time. Someone told me some gossip about the woman, and it seemed convenient for me at the time to leave her and get back with my wife. I never tried to contact the woman [...]

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Case 113


Five years ago, I met a man that I fell deeply in love with, who was separated from his wife and had two sons. As a result of this relationship, we have a two‑year‑old daughter. In spite of the fact that we have a daughter, we go on with life as before when we fell [...]

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Case 89


I am very worried because one of my girlfriends told me that she thought she was pregnant. Our relationship was over in a few days, and now I can’t get that out of my mind. I don’t know what to do. Should I look for her to confirm whether or not it is true or [...]

Case 892022-05-26T15:56:49-07:00
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