Case 458


I have been married for nine years. Six months ago my wife began working in a casino. She had always said that she loved me, but three months ago she changed completely toward me saying she didn’t love me, but only wanted me. Around three weeks ago I saw on her cell phone that she [...]

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Case 468


I have been married for six years, and we have two children. My husband is very jealous. I try to not let it bother me, but sometimes I just get tired of it and cry from anger. He wants me to tell him everything that I have done during the day, including who has called [...]

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Case 441


My boyfriend left me for another woman. She had more money than I do, so I got very jealous. I tried different methods to forget about him, but I couldn’t. I started getting drunk, and now when I see him I follow him. But when I arrive at his house, he hits me hard. He [...]

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Case 430


My girlfriend has prohibited me from having casual female friends. She is jealous every day in more ways than you could imagine. She is even jealous of the time I spend with my sister! That’s why I don’t love her as much as I used to. She wants to control me. It feels like she [...]

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Case 422


I’m jealous of the relationship that my husband has with one of his sisters. She gives more attention to my husband and treats him better than her own husband. My husband counts on her to help him with almost everything. He makes some decisions with her input instead of consulting with me.... In one day [...]

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Case 378


I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for five years. We have economic difficulties that prevent us from getting married. I can’t help feeling envy, desperation, and sadness in my heart every time someone else announces their upcoming marriage. I just try to hide my feelings and attend the wedding even though I [...]

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Case 317


I have been married for four and a half years, and two weeks ago, as I was exchanging some information between cell phones, I came across some messages that my husband had sent to a woman, insinuating that he wanted to see her. When I asked him who she was... he responded very defensively, saying [...]

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Case 298


I am eighteen years old, and the problem is that I am extremely jealous, so much so that I don’t want my girlfriend to leave the house for fear that others will see her. I know that it could be insecurity or mistrust, but knowing that she might be socializing with people much better than [...]

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Case 275


A while back I discovered that my wife was talking to another man and that she wanted to go out with him. When I found out... it hurt me so much that I just wanted to ask her why. At that time, I went to where she was so that we could talk, but I [...]

Case 2752021-01-20T03:49:18-07:00

Case 248


More than four years ago I broke up with a girlfriend.... She became sick with jealousy, and hounded me and wouldn’t leave me alone. So I mustered the courage to end the relationship.... A year later I made friends with a girl... and before long she became my girlfriend. My relationship with her is unique [...]

Case 2482021-01-20T04:02:03-07:00
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