Marriage (Indifference/Expression of Affection)

Case 455


I’ve been married for four years. Everything was wonderful at the beginning of our relationship, and we understood each other, but stress and her character (bipolar) make the situation tense all the time.... I spend more time at work than at home to avoid arguments, and I’ve tried to talk to her many times, but [...]

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Case 470


I married my husband after we had been dating about ten years, but my life became a living hell. He would go out, and come home drunk the next day. Then I found out about his infidelities, and I confronted him.... He moved out, but started calling me every day.... He asked for my forgiveness [...]

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Case 321


After a long courtship, I married a very good and special man. We have been married for three years. What I have always admired about him is his generosity.... He is too good in every way and with everyone. He believes obvious lies and he has been scammed. He is owed money, but he does [...]

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Case 317


I have been married for four and a half years, and two weeks ago, as I was exchanging some information between cell phones, I came across some messages that my husband had sent to a woman, insinuating that he wanted to see her. When I asked him who she was... he responded very defensively, saying [...]

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Case 286


I have been married for more than two years, after five years of going together. We love each other deeply, and a year ago we decided to have our first child. Our baby girl was born three months ago, and we’ve really fallen in love with her, but our relationship as a couple has suffered. [...]

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Case 280


I have been married for a year, and I have some internal conflicts that are robbing me of peace. Sometimes I regret having married my husband. He’s not a bad man, but he has some habits that are extremely irritating. I have pointed out to him repeatedly certain attitudes of his that bother me, but [...]

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Case 245


I got married without loving my wife. We have been married for two years. When we were dating, her companionship and friendship seemed to be sufficient for me to come to love her some day; but it hasn’t happened that way. I live frustrated because I didn’t have the courage to back out of getting [...]

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Case 235


I have been married for five years. My husband and I are both professionals, but we have never been able to find jobs in our area of specialization. I feel disillusioned with my husband because he is apathetic and hasn’t come up with anything. He is very good, loving, and helps a lot in the [...]

Case 2352021-01-20T03:56:35-07:00

Case 231


I am a twenty-four-year-old man. I have been married for six months. My life is not going well because at times I feel good about my wife, but for days at a time I don’t. I have even asked God to separate us because I feel that she doesn’t love me. She treats me like [...]

Case 2312021-01-20T03:54:32-07:00

Case 178


I trusted my wife completely until she left home to work far away.... Every week I took care of our four-year-old daughter. As time passed, my wife began to change. Then one day she said she wanted a separation, that she didn’t love me anymore, because she was back together with her ex-boyfriend. At first [...]

Case 1782021-01-20T04:19:54-07:00
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